The Art of a Well Made Bed

The Art of a Well Made Bed

“You may concentrate on appearances all through the rest of your house, but in the bedroom comfort should be supreme. I think that bedrooms should also be very intimate rooms-they should express your personal preferences in every way…Of all the rooms in the house your bedroom is yours.”  – Dorothy Draper, In the Pink


The bedroom is where a good majority of our life is spent dreaming. It’s  important our bedroom is a comfortable place where we look forward to that dreaming. The first place to start is a well made bed.

A well made bed calms the room and makes it feel more put together.  There is something rewarding about walking into  your bedroom at the end of the day and seeing something beautiful.  What you don’t want is another item added to your to do list.  I usually try to make the bed when I first get up,  but sometimes there are doggies that want to go outside, or the baby needs her breakfast.  In that case,  I usually make the bed within an hour of getting up.

While I liked the coziness of our old comforter and the softness of our worn-in sheets, it was time for change. It was time to treat the bed like a place we actually spend 8-10 hours every night. The lumpy pillows and mismatched sheets had to go.

In order to make your bed an oasis that you look forward to at the end of your day there are a few key staples.

Great Pillows the kind you spend some money on (Not the ones you get for $3.00 at Target on Black Friday). Look for a pillow that suits your needs; maybe you prefer a firm pillow, or a softer feather pillow. Softer pillows tend to be thinner, while firm pillows tend to be thicker. Finding a combination that works for you can make all the difference. 

Quality Sheets… there is nothing better then getting into bed with freshly washed sheets after a nightly shower. A high thread count usually makes for a soft sheet. I like to avoid flannel as they get pills on them after a few washings.

Down or Down Alternative Comforter and Duvet…A Down comforter is so cozy it’s like going to bed wrapped in a hug. After having one I could never go back to a regular bed spread. I wrap all of my comforters in pretty duvet. It’s an easy way to make the room more desirable. If you enjoy sharing your bed with your pets, a duvet makes it easy to keep your comforter smelling great.
Mattress Protector & Pillow Protectors. Protect your sleeping investments from spills, sweat, dirt etc. These are a must. If you are spending the money on good pillows or a good mattress these will help keep them looking brand new.

Decorative Pillows. Purely for fun, these not only bring the room together but give it a wow factor.  Get some pillows with buttons,  sparkle or funky texture. These will pull the look together. Of course, take them off the bed before using it. They’re like mom’s guest hand towels, they’re to look good… not be used! Remember, your bedroom is your oasis; if it calms your soul and relaxes your body, that is all that matters. Happy dreaming!



Happy Sleeping! 


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