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Candy Cane Game

The Candy cane game is a fun twist on an old game that is a load of fun for the holiday season!

The Candy Cane Game, a little spin on an old classic

The Candy Cane Game a Fun Christmas Game for the whole family.

Use them to play a game of “Spoons”, or for the Christmas Season, “Candy Canes.”

Play a game of “Candy Canes,” for loads of fun and laughs. This is an elimination game, and the more people that play, the more fun it is!  It’s easy to play and fun for all ages. You can sit at the table, but it’s also fun to make a circle around the floor(especially if your family gets competitive). The goal of the game is to get four cards of a kind.

This is how the game is played:

Arrange the Candy Canes in a small circle.

Throughout the game you will use one less candy cane then the number of people playing. For instance, if you have five people, you will have four candy canes.

The dealer will pass out four cards to each player. Once everyone has their four cards the dealer will place the remaining deck face down and draw a card off the top of the deck (having five cards in the dealers hand).

The dealer will then discard one card face down to the person to his or her left. This will continue around the table with each person picking up the card passed to them and then discarding a card to their left.

The very last person will create a “garbage pile.” In the event that the dealer goes through the whole deck, then the “garbage pile,” will be used to draw from.

The first person to get four of a kind will take a candy cane. This is the fun part. You can try to be sneaky about it and see if anyone notices, sometimes the game will keep going a few passes before anyone notices, or you can just dive in and claim it.

Once the first candy cane is taken everyone must scramble to grab a candy cane. Like musical chairs, someone will be left in the dust. Either way it is a blast and sure to be hysterical!

The person left without a candy cane gets an elimination letter, “C.” Once the word C-A-N-D-Y (Shorter Version) or C-A-N-D-Y C-A-N-E-S is spelled out that person is out of the game.

To make it more fun and competitive, if some one breaks a candy cane, they get two letters, for instance, “C-A.” (If all the candy canes get broken, you can always switch to spoons!)

Players keep playing until there is only one person left. The last person to not have, Candy or Candy Canes spelled out is the winner!
Use any crushed candy canes as a topper over whipped cream in some hot cocoa.


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