The Money Finder

The Money Finder

If you are looking for more money in your budget, the money finder will help you find it. They are pretty printables to help clean-up your budget.

Do you feel like you could be doing better with your money? You’re not alone. Most of America lives paycheck to paycheck, close to 78% of Americans are finding it hard to make it to the next payday.

It’s stressful on you, your family and your relationships. A burden that weighs heavy on your shoulders. Even if you can avoid thinking about it, the debt burdens and money struggles don’t go away.

After investing in the stock market since 2005, graduating with a degree in Finance, and spending 6 years in the banking industry, I still have my struggles.

Even having a good concept of what works with money, slip-ups always happen. Such as paying off credit cards and then filling them up again. The journey to financial stability, and eventually financial freedom is possible. I want to share with you some shortcuts I’ve learned along the way.

The Money Finder printables were created with one of my close friends in mind, someone who glazes over when I talk money. šŸ™‚

These are gorgeous printables that are a fun way to help you find your money. They will be delivered directly to your inbox. Take the first step to start putting your dollars back in your in pocket.

Get your Free Printables here.


Iā€™m Chanele. Housewife, Mama, and Chief of Household Management. I love charm, simplicity, and getting organized.

Iā€˜m always on the hunt for inspiration
and love the creative process. All of the tips I share are for busy moms managing a household and family.

Please join me in making magic, molding memories & managing a household.


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