I thought I would share some new information I just learned. I think it is too good not to share. Now, if you are a big-time blogger, this may not be new to you. But my blog is small potatoes. Most of my day is spent chasing my toddler. As much as I enjoy creating new blog posts, it’s something I do part-time. Actually, it’s mostly during naptime. None the less, I love to experiment with different types of blog posts, layouts, and ways to monetize. It’s a therapeutic way to challenge myself. Anyways, once you have enough rich, original content, you apply to get approved for Google AdSense. Google AdSense is way to earn income from ads placed on your blog.  You may even be using Google AdSense.

If you have been using it for a while now, you may have missed a HUGE update. Google has CHANGED their rules. You no longer are limited to three ads per page. I repeat. GOOGLE HAS CHANGED THEIR RULES. This is huge! How am I just now learning of this? I know I can’t be the only one who was in the dark on this. The only caveat, there may not be more ads than content.

Here it is in writing from Google.


Before, I was always worried I would go over my limit of three ads and Google AdSense would ban me. How was I going to make my $.02 a day?  If this is you to, fear no more. There is a Plugin for that. Seriously, when in doubt, check for Plugins. I did this on fluke because my ads were not loading properly (It was actually my theme that needed to be updated).  I was looking for a plugin to fix this. As it turns out there are a whole bunch of plugins available for Google AdSense and other Ad platforms. This eliminates going to each page and copying and pasting your ad. You can go to your plugin, add your AdSense Code, and then you tell the plugin where to insert it on your site. For instance, in the middle of a paragraph, at the end of a paragraph, etc. If you have long blog posts, you are able to place more than three ads throughout your page to maximize your revenue. It also ensures consistent placement on all of your pages. In addition, if you choose to switch ad providers, this will save you time. You can control your ads from a master panel. This eliminates the need to go to each page/post to delete individual ads.



Here are a couple of the top Plugins:

  • AdSense Plugin WP QUADS
  • Ad Inserter
  • Advanced Ads

Check out the reviews and see what best suits your needs. These are not the only ones out there. (… and they are not at all paying me to post these.) These happen to be the Plugins I have tested on my different sites. I am still experimenting to find my favorite.

Since utilizing the Plugin, I have seen a big uptick in clicks and overall ad revenue. I no longer have to manually post my AdSense Ads, and I can customize them as I see fit. I hope this is something that could be beneficial to you! Thanks for stopping by! Leave comments or questions below!


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