Toddler Toys for Little Girls

Toddler Toys for Little Girls

Educational toys and toys that encourage learning are my favorite for the kids. As a new mom, I didn’t know where to start. Most of the toys on this list were gifts given from family members and other mom friends. These have been some of Libby’s favorite toddler toys.

We also have a lot of dress-up clothes because it encourages the learning process of picking out clothes, putting them on, and engaging in creative play.

The following toddler toys are good for engaging in conversations about colors, dressing up, shapes, and hand eye coordination. 🙂

10 Toddler Toys for Little Girls

Toddler Toy Ideas for Little Girls. Looking for the best gift ideas for a little girly toddler here are some of our family favorites.

1. AMOSTING Early Learning Educational Toys for Boys and Girls Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard

We call this the “button game.” It was given as a gift to Libby from one of my best mom friends. It comes with different pages with holes you can set these little buttons in. Colorful pages make it fun to talk about the different pictures and colors. It also helps with hand coordination in a pretty simple, non-frustrating, way for small children. The Button Game Available Here

2. Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

This Farmers Market color sorting set is lots of fun for toddlers. It can be used for sorting, carrying or talking about fruits and vegetables. Libby gets excited when she recognizes a vegetable we have at the dinner table. These are pretty durable and also get a lot of use at a kitchen set.  Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Available Here 

3. Play-dough Anything

Santa brought Libby some animal shaped cutters last year for Christmas. I didn’t know if would be to early because she was just a little over two, but she LOVED them. We use play-doh almost everyday.  There are so many sets you can get but, I really like the ones with cutters, rollers, and flippers. The kids love the spaghetti and sprinkle makers, but can be a little messy.  Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations Available Here


4. Learning Resources One To Ten Counting Cans Toy Set, 65 Pieces

These counting cans are another fun toy for a kitchen set. Libby’s not yet getting the full counting benefits, but she loves to open them up and dump them out, sort them, and move them around the different areas of her kitchen set.

At the end of the day I usually do a little clean up and put them all back in their cans, then when she wakes up, she starts the process again.

5. Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs Toy

I was surprised how fun these squeak eggs are. Ours are a little different, but these ones are nice because they come with the different colors. When you push the little chick inside it squeaks. They are fun to pretend “crack,” squeak and place in their carton. Details available here.

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6. Kitchen Set 

Libby got a kitchen set for her second birthday and it is awesome! We have it right in our living room and she plays with it everyday. Toddlers really love peaking in all of the cubbies and compartments.  As kids get bigger they start doing more imaginative play, like house, and cooking up meals, etc. I couldn’t find our exact one, but this kitchen set  is super cute because there is a highchair for a babydoll. It’s available here.


7. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk – Amazon Exclusive

Dress-up princess clothes! Something about that new found toddler independence and being able to dress themselves leads to lots of dress-up play. Libby pretty much has a princess dress or ballerina costume on everyday. This trunk set is adorable and comes with costumes and pretend jewelry.  Get the details here.

8.  Shoes and Jewelry

I just love the little clip on earrings that come with this jewelry set. Details available here.


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9. Tiaras and Crowns for Little Girls Princess Wands Gloves Pink Tiara and Necklace 

This set is adorable. The necklace reminds me of the Heart of the Ocean, from the Titanic. Dress-up gloves are super fun for any princess dress.  Get more details here.

10. LEGO DUPLO Large Playground Brick Box  (71 Piece)

Legos! These are great to keep little hand busy and occupied. The ones that are a little larger and have accessories are nice for toddlers because it gives them more ideas to play around with. Get more details here.

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