Two Things to Consider Before Buying a Crib

Two things to consider before you buy a crib

Two cribs in, I realized I missed something. When you’re buying a crib, rest assured most newer cribs meet the current safety standards. If you want to know more about crib safety standards checkout the government consumer product safety commission.

Here are two things to consider before buying a crib.

Investing in a Convertible Crib 

The first thing to consider when buying a new crib is investing in a convertible crib. Cribs are no longer just made for sleeping babies.

Now cribs can convert into toddler beds and eventually to a full bed (although they may require a separate conversion kit). 

Investing in a convertible crib can take your little one through their teen years.

With that being said, it’s easier on the wallet to invest in something neutral that grows with them.  Instead of something that may be trendy or nursery inspired (i.e. baby pink) that your child may outgrow when they hit their teens. 

Location of the Crib

The second thing to consider is the location of the crib. Mainly, whether the side of the crib that will be pushed up against the wall has slates or a solid headboard. Here’s the difference:

A crib with slates available here on Amazon.

A crib with a solid headboard available hereon Amazon.

While there is nothing wrong with a crib with slates, I ran into one major issue that I never thought about.

When Libby was a baby, the crib always just floated on an area rug in the middle of her room. When it was time to push the crib up against a wall, all of them had outlets or windows on them.

This meant tiny bored hands could easily find their way through the slates to the electrical outlets.

Had I thought about this sooner, I would have made sure there was a good place for the crib or opted for one with a solid headboard.

If you are looking to purchase a new crib, make sure to checkout the latest safety standards, and consider where in the room you are placing it before you buy it. It may change whether you purchase a crib with slates or a crib with no slates.

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Two Things to Know Before you Buy a Crib

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