Valentine’s Day Heart Strawberries

Heart Strawberries for Valentine's Day

These Valentine’s Day heart strawberries are super easy to make and the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Dish.

Whether you are making a Valentine’s Day Dessert Platter, Valentine’s Day Pancakes, or a bowl of fresh fruit, these are perfect.

Heart Strawberries

In order to get these heart shaped strawberries, look for a berry that organically takes on a “heart shape.” A point at the bottom, that gets wider at the top.

This will make it easier to get the perfect heart shape.

Heart Strawberries for Valentine's Day

1. Use a paring knife, cut a “v” shape in the top of the strawberry, removing the stem.

Heart Strawberries for Valentine's Day

2. Next, from the top of the “v” slice the strawberry in half, creating two separate hearts (see above picture).

Heart Strawberries for Valentine's Day

3. If needed, use a paring knife to round out the
“tops” of the heart.

Valentine's Day Dessert Platter

4. Finally, arrange on a dessert platter, over pancakes or in a bowl of fruit.

I uses some vanilla purple wilton candies to create these Valentine’s Day inspired strawberries. Immediately after dipping them, sprinkles were added to make them more festive.

Nilla wafers were also dipped to add to the platter. Oreos would be another great option for dipping.

Valentine's Day Heart Strawberries

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