15 Lazy Girl Weight Loss Hacks

Weight saving tips for women

When it comes to weight loss wouldn’t it be nice to snap our fingers and the weight was just gone?

Now that I am six weeks postpartum,  I got the okay from my Doctor to start exercising again.

To help get rid of the baby weight I created printables to track weight loss and
keep me focused. When it comes to losing the weight, the more automated it is, the easier, and the lazier I can be. 

Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated. These changes are easy ways to lose weight, the lazy way.

15 Lazy Girl Weight Loss Hacks

1. Download a Food App Tracker

Don’t waste time writing down calories or adding them up in your head. It takes way to much time. Grab your smart phone and download a food tracker/weight loss app. “Lose it” has a free version that you can add your food, and even scan items with a barcode. It couldn’t be easier.

If you have a hard time coming up with meals, use Meal Planning Printables to help plan your meals for the month.

2. Set a daily calorie limit

Set a daily calorie limit so you know how much you can eat to drop weight. Do this right in your food/weight loss app. You can set how much weight you want to lose, up to 2 lbs a week, and it will give you a daily calorie limit based on your weight and goals/time frame. 

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3. Drink only water or non-caloric beverages

Weight saving tips for women

Don’t waste calories on something you are going to drink. Stick to water. Save yourself the money and time it takes to buy caloric beverages. 

4. Avoid white bread and processed sugar

Try to avoid white bread and processed sugar. Instead opt for something a little healthier, like an apple and peanut butter, or greek yogurt.

5. Eat high protein meals and lean veggies

Family Meal Planning for Success. How to Save time and Money with Family Meal planning

Opt for meals that will make you feel full longer, such as chicken or fish. Eat large portions of veggies with your lean protein. If you are forced to eat fast food, grab a grilled chicken sandwich and a water.

 Swap out mayo for mustard.

Look online for at least one healthy, high protein option at any fast food place you visit. If you’re in a pickle, you will already have an idea of what you can get, without sabotaging your efforts.

6. Exercise 3x a week

Workout three times a week, even if it is just a walk around the block. Try throwing in some sit ups and push-ups before your morning shower, taking the stairs, or walking when you can. Living an active lifestyle will help you feel motivated to workout more.

7. Never skip breakfast

Eat a high protein breakfast that will fill you up, such as oatmeal, egg whites, or lean meats. Don’t skip breakfast because it can lead to bad decision making throughout the day.

8. Keep high protein snacks available

Set yourself up for success by having a high protein snack available at home, in your car and at work. Having a snack available will take out the need to make an impulse decision to pick something up that will probably lack nutrients and leaving you feeling hungry.

9. If you fall off the horse, get back on

Easy Ways to help the pounds melt off

Losing weight is about lifestyle changes. It’s not an all or nothing. There are going to be bad days. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going.

One bad day does not have to mean a bad week. One bad week does not have to mean a bad month. Keep going. 

10.Stop making excuses

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today. Don’t wait until Monday, or the first of the month or the new year. Just start now period. If you fall of your horse, get back on^.

Weight Loss Hacks for women

11. Weekly weigh-ins on Friday

Weigh in weekly on fridays to measure your progress. Fill in a box for each pound you lose on these printables. Friday is a good day for weigh-ins. If you slip up over the weekend, you have a full week to get to it.

12. Eat off of a small plate, drink out of a tall thin glass

It’s a little brain trick. It looks like you have more food if you eat off of a smaller plate, you are also less likely to fill-up your plate as much. The same is true when drinking from a glass.

13. Don’t eat on the go or in front of a TV or electronic device.

Eat in the kitchen or at the table. Don’t eat on the go because you are less aware of how much you are eating and if you feel full.

14. Drink between .5- 1 Oz. of your weight in water a day.

Drinking more water is one of many EASY, weight loss hacks

EX: 150 lbs. =150/2 =75 Oz. [16.9 Oz are in a water bottle] Drink lots of water throughout the day. Be sure to drink a big glass when you first wake up and before every meal.

You are less likely to overeat when you have a large glass of water first. Hate to drink water? Try picking up a fun cup and filling it with ice and a straw. It’s easier to sip on throughout the day.

15. Track your progress

Lazy Girls Guide to Weight Loss

Set small goals and track your progress! If you lose 5 lbs you get a new lipstick. When you lose 10 lbs, a new pair of jeans, etc.

Track 5lbs at a time because it easier and more manable.

Instead of saying I want to lose 20lbs, start with 5. When you lose that 5lbs, try for the next 5 lbs. Use these free weight loss templates to help you track your weight loss goals and progress.

You got this!

Weight Loss Action Plan & Goal Tracker Templates and Printables 

Weight Loss Action Plan & Goal Tracker


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