Here is a free Weight Loss Printable. Use this Goal Tracker and Action Plan to measure your progressIf you need some help getting started, check out 15 tips to help drop some pounds. 

Weight Loss Printable Goal Tracker and Action Plan

What’s included:

Action Plan: Place this on your fridge. It has 15 tips to help you loss some pounds. A Goal tracker to log your longterm and short term goals.

Be sure to reward yourself with something special as you hit your goals, even if it’s just a new tube of lipstick.  Don’t forget to mark that little check box, either. Research shows it’s very satisfying to check off a to-do item.

There is also a small box to fill in a square for each pound you lose.

Workout Tracker: A workout tracker is used to hold you accountable to weekly workouts. Give yourself a checkmark, for each workout you complete.

Weekly Workout Progress Report:  Don’t have a lot of time to workout? Try these four effective exercise, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and a mile run. Track your progress to see your improvements.

Workout Progress Report: Track your own personal workouts and routines.

Download your Weight Loss Printable Now
Weight Loss tracker and printable
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