Freebies, Perks, Samples & Discounts For A New Baby

Freebies, Perks and Samples for Babies and New Moms

When you are expecting a new baby, be on the lookout, goodies are everywhere! Here is a list of some references for some freebies,perks, samples and discounts I have found, and many I have used.  Please keep in mind these perks are subject to change at the Vendors discretion. Review vendors websites for specific details and updated information. Last updated Jan 19, 2017.

Free Formula Samples

When it comes time to feeding your little one, you can choose to nurse, supplement, or formula feed.   If you do find yourself   supplementing or formula feeding there are lots of options out there. Choosing a formula will depend on your baby’s preferences and digestion system. Once you find a formula that works you will most likely stick with it. Formula companies are aware of this loyalty so they offer wonderful incentives for your business.

One of these incentives is something called a vendor check. They send you checks in the mail that are good towards the purchase of formula, often $5.00 but sometimes up to $15.00. These will come in handy. You can usually pair these vendor checks with other deals, such as Babies R’ US specials. For instance, if Enfamil  is on sale for  $10.00 off for two boxes, this in most cases can be paired with vendor checks. Babies R’ Us also started allowing 10% off on baby formula & diapers in-stores on Thursday, when using your Babies R’ US credit card.

While these numbers can change anytime, here’s an example of potential savings: $36.99(Price per box)  x 2 =$73.98 – $10.00 off 2 boxes(sales promotion) = $63.98 -$ 6.39(10% on Thursdays with Babies R’ Us Credit Card)= $57.59 – $10.00 (for two $5.00 vendor checks). = $47.59 + Tax. This would be about $26.39 in total  savings.  This example does not include Babies R’ Us rewards points you can earn and roll over for additional savings on future trips.

My Gerber offers tools, guidance and coupons. No retail value is suggested on their website.

Enfamil Family Beginnings. When you join you get up to $325 dollars in freebies.  This includes formula samples, coupons, gifts, and partner discounts (i.e. Tiny Prints).

Similac has put together personalized gift packages for new & expecting moms. They’re offering up to $400.00  worth of freebies including gifts, coupons and free samples.

Your Pediatrician
Most offices get samples from the leading formula companies. Most of the time your Pediatrician’s Office will offer you samples when they learn you are formula feeding. If they do not, ask if they have any.

Baby Registry Freebies

As an expecting mom one of the questions you may ask yourself is, “Where do I register?” The good news is there are lots of places to register. The even better news, businesses that offer baby registries have lots of perks and freebies for expecting moms to sign up through them. Rightfully so, your little bundle is doing right by the economy and you are guaranteeing them some generous sales (crib, diapers, feeding, bathing, clothes, etc.). In some cases this could be thousands of dollars. Check out some of the perks you qualify when you sign up to register.

Babies R’ Us offers lots of perks including 10% back with Endless Earnings. Meaning you will receive a check after your baby is born that totals 10% of what people spent on things on your registry. If people bought $2000.00 worth of stuff off of your registry, you would receive a check for $200.00 to spend at Babies R’ Us. In addition, you are also eligible for a 10% discount on items on your registery that were not purchased. Get all of the details and specifics here.

Buy Buy Baby offers a free goodie bag with samples and coupons. You may also qualify for free shipping for up to a year after your baby is born based on the value of gifts purchased from your registry.

Amazon perks include adding items from any site onto your Amazon registry. In addition, they
offer 10% off across, which is upgraded to 15% off for Prime members, compliments of Amazon Family. Aside from the convenience of items being delivered directly to your door stop,  the benefits of  Amazon Prime and Amazon Family offers 20% of diaper subscriptions. Check out the details here.

Target offers a welcome kit that you can pick up at Guest Services that has $50 worth of coupons & handpicked samples. In addition, you can get a 15% discount eight weeks prior to the big day on anything left on your registry (restrictions apply). Visit Target to get more details.

Sam’s Club has a Mom’s and Dad’s Club. If you are a member you can sign up an get free samples, exclusive discounts, and special offers.

Walmart offers a Baby Box which comes with samples and freebies for prenatal, newborn, and toddlers. There is a flat 5.00 shipping fee. Check out more details about Walmart’s Baby Box. Here is what came in my Walmart Toddler Box.Freebies, Perks and Samples for Babies and New Moms

As a new mom there are so many free baby items available to you. Here is a list of some items for you and your new baby. | Formula Coupons| Baby Samples| What you need for a new baby

Freebies, Perks and Samples for Babies and New Moms

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